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What is collagen and how can it boost your health?

Collagen was one of the predicted top food trends of 2017 - and for good reason. Collagen is essential to your overall health, especially for your skin, hair, and bones. But what exactly iscollagen? If you’re not sure what it is, what it can do for you, and most importantly, where to get it from, keep reading… What is collagen? Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body - it contains a mixture of amino acids like proline and glycine, which are found in all connective tissue, including the vital organs. In fact, collagen makes up 30% of the total protein in the body, and 70% of the protein in the skin. However, our natural collagen production declines with...

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Bone Broth: Essential for Optimal Pre-Natal Nutrition

Written by: Leanne Sedentopf, RHN Trying to get all the extra nutrients required during pregnancy can often leave moms-to-be feeling overwhelmed. Especially if you are experiencing morning sickness or finding the ever growing baby to be limiting the amount of food you can eat at one time. This may lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, sleep issues and major fatigue. If you are exploring supplements to fill your nutritional gaps, it can get expensive and many are made with questionable, synthetic versions of vitamins and mineral and loaded with fillers and artificial colours and flavours (i.e., unnecessary chemicals). If you are looking for a more natural (and easy) option to meeting your ever-increasing nutritional demands in pregnancy, bone broth is...

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Turmeric: Beyond the Latte

Turmeric lattes are everywhere these days. Is it a passing fad or is there a reason for you to include turmeric in your life? Here are some things you should know about turmeric: It’s pronounced tur-mer-ik. Yes, you are supposed to pronounce that first ‘r’. Turmeric is a herb that comes from the root (rhizome) of the plant Curcuma longa, and is a part of the Zingiberaceae (ginger) family. It has a deep orange colour and a warming, slightly peppery, bitter flavour. Dried, powdered turmeric can be found in the spice section of the grocery store. Whole turmeric is showing up more and more in the produce section of grocery stores, often alongside ginger. If you can’t find it in...

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Italian Wedding Soup Recipe with Broya Bone Broth

By Erica McColman, Molly and Erica  As a child my favourite soup was Campbell's Homemade Italian wedding soup. Once I was diagnosed as a Celiac, the only way to enjoy this comforting soup was to make it myself. Using Broya’s chicken broth adds in extra energy enhancing and anti-inflammatory nutritional properties because of the garlic, ginger, turmeric and ginseng. On top of being really delicious, this recipe is amazing because you can duplicate it easily. I generally batch cook the meatballs and grains, so finishing this soup takes me literally 15 minutes which is amazing for weeknights! RECIPE: Prep Time: 30 minutes Cooking Time: 30 minutes Serving Size: Broth 1 portion Meatballs 4 portions For the meatballs: Ingredients:  ½ small...

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7 Reasons Why Chuck Norris Drinks Bone Broth

Bone broth is an incredibly dense source of nutrients and minerals. Steeped for 18-24 hours, bone broth is rich, savoury, and invigorating. High performers who demand the most from their bodies such as the famous Chuck Norris recognize the importance of staying healthy and well nourished with natural foods. There’s no doubt that Chuck’s power and vitality are maintained in part by his consumption of this age old elixir. He even took to the internet recently to write about some of the benefits and history of broth in the broad sense which can be found here. Below are seven reasons why Chuck chooses to Power Up with Bone Broth. (The Man and Legend. 75 Years Young) 7 Reasons why Chuck...

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